Who doesn’t love killer beer recommendations from brewmasters who are at the top of their game?

You could chase down all those tips on dozens of different brand sites and brewery blogs … or you could peruse this roundup, bookmark it and put it to good use on your next beer mission.

Thought you’d like that idea. Enjoy.


Craft Beer Pros Share Their Top Picks

Honorable mention straight away goes to our fellow beer fanatics at Thrillist. They’ve really stepped up their craft beer coverage in recent years, and now they’re offering a new section called Tapped, showcasing the picks of renowned brewers.

Here’s a quick flight from their new section …

They also kicked off the year with a similarly crafted list: Brewmasters on the Best Beers They Drank in 2015

In each case, you’ll find a mix of new surprises and a few familiar favorites. Let’s raise a toast to Lee Breslouer for racking up these fresh picks.


Bring on the Best Belgian Beers

The reason we called this site The Hop Nation is because we love exceptional beer. Whether it fits the precise (and always-shifting) definition of craft or not is secondary to our affinity for the good stuff.

Belgium is famous for the good stuff, and rightly so, considering its long brewing track record.

One of the best Belgian beer roundups we’ve seen comes from Brendan Kearney: 37 Belgian Beers Not to Miss, Recommended by Beer Experts

For more in-depth notes on five Belgian brewers, check out: Belgian Beer Journal’s Top 5 Brewviews for 2015

And if you want Belgian Ales from American craft brewers, try these 10 Great American-Made Belgian Ales


Homebrewing Advice from Craft Beer Masters

You can find countless how-to homebrew articles, videos, recipes, but sometimes you just want sage advice from brewers who have made it to the gold standard.

From New Belgium and Widmer to Goose Island and Oskar Blues, more than a dozen brewmasters share their timeless homebrewing tips here.

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