Flowers are over. Jewelry will just sit on a growing pile in her lockbox. And let’s face it, Mom doesn’t want another coupon for a Tuesday spa treatment.

This year, think outside the box and inside the keg. Give Mom the gift of beer for Mother’s Day. Here’s why.

Mom isn’t all about Pinot Noir

You’ve known for ages that beer isn’t just for bikers and bros crushing cans on their skulls. Thanks to specialty breweries developing layered, complex flavors and varieties, beer has eclipsed its dude-centric reputation to become something everyone can enjoy.

Plus, organizations like the Pink Boots Society, named after the rubber boots that brewers wear, is an organization of women who earn income from beer, whether it is from brewing, advertising, owning a brewery, or writing about beer on fine sites like this one.

The society is such a success, they’ve launched a side project called Barley’s Angels, with chapters in London, Sydney, Canada, Oregon, Nebraska and Florida, all hosting events (kinda like these) to teach women about beer culture and how to pair beer with all types of cuisine.

In short, beer isn’t just for the guys. If your mom already likes good beer, then don’t feel weird sharing a gift she’ll love on her special day. Believe us, it will be better received than another picture frame.

If your mom doesn’t yet know the magic of top-tier beer, there’s no better time to rectify that than on a warm spring Sunday.

But what beer gifts are right for Mom?

Let’s get one thing out of the way, Mom is still Mom. Unless you’re from Lanford, Illinois, you probably don’t want to throw a growler at her wrapped in a pink ribbon.

Beer can be high class. And we already know your mom is high class. So, let’s match the gift to the woman.

Though tempting, beer glassware is probably not a great idea, unless she’s expressed an interest in expanding her collection. Otherwise, if she’s anything like our moms, a beer glass – even a personalized one – will be looked at as nothing more than “something else to clean.”

(And it might even result in something like this – perish the thought.)

You might consider enrolling her in a (quality) beer of the month club. Sure, they’ve had a rocky reputation over the years, but with such a wide scope of brews available now, these clubs are a perfect way to try new products, expand your palates, and generally reach beyond comfort zones.

Some are better than others, so caveat emptor. But a number of outlets offer a pretty good cross-section of monthly beer club options. Like Cousin Eddie says, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, the whole year through.

Otherwise, a nice gift basket – complete with some (SOME) drinkware, appropriate food pairings, and a nice selection of bottled rarities – can do the trick.

Finally, if nothing else fits, or if Mom is just difficult to please, then give her control. It has never been cheaper or easier to get started in homebrewing. Today’s kits offer much more variety and customization than the kits we once knew, and allow her to craft her own ideal quaff for all occasions.

Which beers make sense for Mother’s Day?

Mom’s beer-themed holiday shouldn’t end with the gifts. Make sure the enjoyment extends to the celebratory meal … and beyond! Here are a few styles that can find a place at any brunch table, even if your mom isn’t (yet) a beer fan.


This traditional and approachable unfiltered German wheat beer is a classic brunch beer. With bright citrus notes and typically high carbonation, a good, light but flavorful hefeweizen should pair well with any brunch fare … even breakfast items normally paired with mimosas and light cocktails.

Stouts and porters

Should your celebration carry on past dessert, skip the Sanka and liqueurs in favor of a coffee-rich stout or porter. Depending on tastes, a bitter coffee porter, or a smoother Russian Imperial stout can be the perfect complement to a rich pastry meal-ender.

Okay, for many, giving Mom a beer for Mother’s Day sounds crass. But we’re not talking about ditching the usual Mother’s Day festivities and launching Bud Light toward her, Stone Cold-style. Feel free to cook her breakfast in bed, and don’t you dare skip the card.

But this year, when the waiter starts pouring fizzy mimosas, cut him off and request a quality beer option instead. If you skip the restaurant, make sure that your gift reflects your mother’s growing palate. Either way, make quality beer part of a typically non-beer holiday.

It’s a gift that shows true love. And isn’t that why we celebrate Mother’s Day in the first place?

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