We love craft beer. Bigtime.

And we love sharing the joy of great beer, with fellow fanatics, homebrewers, craft noobs and beer aficionados worldwide.

But there’s so much craft beer content online, we found it tough keeping up with all the best stuff. That’s why we founded The Hop Nation.

Our mission is simple: Pull together the best of beer in one convenient spot. The three areas we focus on most are:

  • Discovering new beers, breweries, styles, recipes and products
  • Sharing our favorite beer reviews, pics, tasting notes, likes/dislikes
  • Connecting with fellow beer fanatics around the globe

With plenty of fresh content, lively social media channels and a weekly email roundup, we make it easy for you to keep up with the latest and greatest in craft beer from around the web. And we thrive on your participation and feedback.

The Hop Nation is here to make you a better beer lover. Join us.